Frequently asked questions

What kind of information does this website provide?

Takeda MedConnect provides you with fair and balanced product information based on the scientific evidence available for that product.

Why did I have to provide my information to search Medical Affairs resources?

This site is intended for licensed U.S. healthcare professionals only, and registration enables us to ensure that the program is used by the community it is intended to serve. You will not receive unsolicited communications from Medical Affairs as a result of providing your information.

What are my options for getting the information I need?

You have several options for getting the information you need:

  • Search Medical Affairs resources for product information
  • Submit a product information request directly to Medical Affairs
  • Submit a Medical Affairs support request to find out more about research, grants, and other support programs
  • Call (877) 825-3327 or (877) TAKEDA7 to discuss your question with a member of Medical Affairs
Why did my search retrieve no information?

Try using specific and detailed keywords, such as dosing or pharmacokinetics, to target your search. You may also want to check the spelling of the keywords. If these actions still do not produce results, submit a request for information or call us at (877) 825-3327 or (877) TAKEDA7 to talk with a member of Medical Affairs.

Does this website use “cookies”?

Yes. Like most other websites, this website uses cookies to help ensure that it provides relevant information that is easy and reliable to use.

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your device—for example, your computer or mobile phone. Takeda Pharmaceuticals U.S.A., Inc., will only collect cookies if you can be said to have consented hereto through your use of the website.

Cookies are used to improve your experience through, for example:

  • Recognizing that you have completed registration to give you full access to all the site’s features
  • Analyzing anonymized data to help us understand how to improve this website

Please note that disabling cookies will limit your access to some portions of the site.

How do I report an adverse event?

Please call (877) 825-3327 or (877) TAKEDA7 to report an adverse event.

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